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YouTube favourite Casey Neistat under investigation by the FAA

Casey Neistat FAA Drone

YouTube superstar Casey Neistat is allegedly under investigation by the FAA for his illegal drone flights in and around the airspace of New York. With over seven million subscribers and illegal drone footage featuring heavily in his daily vlogs for over a year now, is this too little too late? Will his star status give him a free ride or will the FAA make an example of him?

10:02am on Thursday 25th May 2017

Drone found by Apache ROV while operating from the Bibby Topaz at the Beryl field

Drone found by Apache ROV

A number of my clients have emailed and contacted me to make me aware of the recent article where a drone (UAV) was found by an ROV in the north sea. My clients have joked that it highlights that the Falcon 8 is not fit for purpose and it will help other operators using different craft get into the marketplace. They have also asked if this will have an impact on the use of UAVs in the Oil and Gas inspection industry.

11:49am on Friday 28th April 2017

New support system being rolled out to existing clients

Support system update

After positive feedback following testing, the latest flexViews build now includes the new support system. Clients on our auto update service will see the changes in their applications this month when we push the latest update. If you are not on the auto update service and wish to be upgraded please get in touch.

11:30am on Thursday 9th March 2017

Support system update

We are currently in final testing of our new customer support system. We have spoken with some of our clients, looked at our competitors systems and other dedicated support systems and have taken functionality and features from all. This new system will be rolled out in phases starting with the in application ticket creation followed by the cloud3D website customer portal. Read on to find out more.

10:00am on Monday 2nd January 2017

Welcome to our new website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. It has taken a lot longer than we expected to get it up and operational due to our other commitments. But at long last, its here! Please give us your feedback.

2:00pm on Monday 12th December 2016