UAV / Drone Design & Development

We can design and develop a UAV to meet your inspection or payload requirements

Prototyping Your Ideas

Our in house prototyping machinery can turn your ideas into a working prototype


Blair Nichols

Blair Nichols

Business Director

As Business director of Cloud3D Ltd Blair splits his time between managerial tasks, developing new business and consulting. Blair specialises in business analysis, application design and user experience.

Blair also heads our 3D printing and UAV services, working with clients to develop new ideas, prototypes and offers consultancy services to other companies in the industry.

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Cynthia Z E MacLeod

Cynthia Z E MacLeod

Technical Director

As Technical Director of Cloud3D Ltd., Cynthia splits her time between helping to run the business, business and systems analysis, software and systems architecting, electronic design and consulting with and working in the development team. She is very hands on when it comes to coding and has written nearly all of the flexViews SDK and RT and is actively involved in the design and development of our bespoke software and products. Her electronics background get utilised in the design of PCBs and other electronics used by the company and in its products.

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