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Cynthia Z E MacLeod

Cynthia Z E MacLeod

Technical Director

As Technical Director of Cloud3D Ltd., Cynthia splits her time between helping to run the business, business and systems analysis, software and systems architecting, electronic design and consulting with and working in the development team. She is very hands on when it comes to coding and has written nearly all of the flexViews SDK and RT and is actively involved in the design and development of our bespoke software and products. Her electronics background get utilised in the design of PCBs and other electronics used by the company and in its products.

Having been designing and developing applications commercially since before I left school, and contracting for a year before going to Corpus Christi College, Oxford to earn a Masters degree in Engineering & Computing Science, I have continued to employ both my computing and engineering and technology skills over my career.

After developing a number of industry leading applications she went on to a change of pace supporting applications for one of the Oil and Gas Operators during which time she met Blair and encountered the original team at Delta Software Solutions.

As a now dynamic duo, they went on to buy out that company before ultimately forming Cloud3D Ltd where they can both express their passions for Hardware and Software solutions and indulge their passions for robotics, UAVs and other electronic devices, backed as necessary by solid software and data management systems.


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